How do I Find a Divorce Attorney?

The first place to start in order to find a divorce attorney is to gather a short list of family law attorneys in your area. Ask friends or colleagues who practice law for a referral. Lawyers frequently refer work out that is not in their specialty. The legal community is relatively small so a lawyer may have more insight into the lawyers who are well thought of versus the ones who take a scorched earth approach or do not know the law.

Ask people you know who’ve been through this before. Be sure they were happy with their representation or note who is on the ‘do not hire’ list! This is a really good way to understand more about how the lawyer will work with clients.

Do research. Great resources to use to find a divorce attorney are the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) and state board certification lists, if applicable. Texas, for example, recognizes lawyers who have achieved Board Certification in family law. To receive this recognition, a lawyer has to have practiced at least five years, achieved certain objective practice milestones such as jury trials and appellate work, and have passed an additional test specific to family law. Looking at a lawyer’s AVVO rating can also be helpful. This is a rating that lawyers get from clients and peers. You can search by location, read their ratings, and read client reviews. Be wary of various pay-for-play advertisements that claim a lawyer is “best.” Many local and industry publications offer lawyers and other professionals the opportunity to essentially advertise to be recognized in their field. If it is an achievement recognized by peers or clients, it is probably a good resource. If someone can pay for the recognition, disregard it.

Narrow Down Your List

Once you have your list of names, it is time to narrow it down. Ideally, you should have a short in-person conference with two of the lawyers on your list before making a selection. When narrowing the list, consider:

  • Whether multiple sources recommended them.
  • Whether the gender of the lawyer is important to you. Men may prefer to be represented by women and vice versa.
  • Whether the lawyer charges for a consultation. There are good lawyers of each type. Your budget may be a factor in whether you want to meet with someone who will charge for a consultation.
  • Have a short telephone conference. This can give you some quick insight into whether an attorney will be a good fit for you.

Meet with Two of Your Options in Person

Once you narrow down your list of candidates to two, meet with each in person. This is an important decision. It can be costly to switch attorneys in the middle of a case. Spend time on the front end to help increase your chances of a good fit. When you meet with the lawyers, consider these topics and questions:


Make sure the Financials Add Up

What is their hourly rate and do they require a retainer? Once you find a divorce attorney, be cautious not to assume that a lawyer’s hourly rate or initial retainer is an indication of the charges overall. Some lawyers work more efficiently, and so even with a higher hourly rate, they may handle your case more cost-effectively. Will they use lower rate professionals like paralegals and associates to help keep costs down? Will they use technology to help keep costs down and increase efficiency?

Get the Right Team

Who will actually work on the case? As noted above, for financial reasons you may want a junior person to do some of the work on your case. However, you may feel more comfortable if a more senior lawyer handles hearings and trial work. Every case, lawyer, and client is different. The important thing here is for you to feel comfortable with the balance of having adequate representation and the cost you are paying for it.

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