Water Heater Repair

Water Heater Repair isn’t a difficult process, but it’s certainly a chore if you don’t know what you’re doing. While water heaters typically have a relatively short life of roughly ten years, that doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of all of its great features and capabilities without doing any maintenance at all. Unfortunately, most homeowners neglect to take care of their water heating units long before it’s time to consult a repair specialist for water heater repair. In many cases, this oversight could potentially lead to more costly problems in the future. Fortunately, most water heaters require very little in the way of upkeep and can function for decades. Here are some basic tips for keeping your water heater in good working order:

* Leaks: Any time your appliance makes a leak, it’s important to get it repaired as quickly as possible. Some leaks can be easily plugged (if the damage is minor) using a small number of plumber’s putty. Other larger leaks, however, will require you to replace the appliance entirely. Water heater repairs involving leaks may require the assistance of a professional plumber. In these cases, make sure to purchase a quality replacement part, which can be purchased at most major home improvement stores.

* Cold Showers: As soon as you notice the first sign of cold water coming from your faucet, you should get to work on your water heater repair as soon as possible. For some people, this is an easy task. Others may find it to be more complicated. Typically, a clogged pressure valve will cause cold showers. If this is the case, you can remove the valve and flush the system, ensuring that there are no obstructions inside the piping that will need to be cleaned or repaired later.

* Bad Plumbing: If you’ve ever seen a water heater repair kit, you probably thought to yourself, “I could have done that myself!” While it’s true that most do-it-yourself kits contain the tools necessary to perform basic plumbing repairs, sometimes it’s not enough. When this occurs, contact us today for a quality plumbing repair job. From leak detection and repair to full tank replacement, our expert plumbers can help you fix any leaky pipes, clogged drainage systems, or faulty electrical connections. Our technicians use the latest technology in their water heater repair jobs, so your plumber will be able to identify exactly what’s wrong and provide you with fast and efficient service.

* Hot Water Leaks: Sometimes it’s difficult to determine what caused a hot water leak. However, our skilled and qualified electric water heater repair specialists are qualified to determine whether leaks are structural or caused by a broken valve. Once you contact us today for tankless water heater repair, our team will be able to assess your situation and recommend a course of action. From leak detection and repair to tank replacement, our professionals can fix any leaky tank situation quickly and easily.

* Leaky Pipes: It’s common for plumbing to develop problems as time goes by. However, if you have noticed a steady stream of cold water coming from your hot water heater, you should contact a plumbing technician for a hot water heater repair technician’s help. A leaking tap can be very frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be a permanent setback. Contact us today for a free estimate on your plumbing problem. With a trained professional plumbing technician on hand, you can rest easy knowing that your heating system is in good hands.

Many people assume that they can perform all of the maintenance and repairs on their own, but this isn’t always the case. Some water heaters require much more care than others. There are several different hot water heater repair services available to suit any home or business. You can choose to have radiators replaced, pumps replaced, filters replaced, heater repair and cleaning or you can have all of these services done at one location. Our experienced plumbers and technicians can determine which service best suits your heating needs and give you an accurate cost estimate. By knowing the exact price, you’ll be better equipped to make a well-informed decision regarding repairs.

Hot water heater repairs shouldn’t be a daunting task. If you suspect a plumbing issue, contact one of our experienced technicians immediately. By taking the extra time needed to find the right service, you can save yourself thousands down the road when you decide to replace or improve your system. Contact us today to learn more about plumbing services in your area.

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Four Common Water Heater Repair Problems

Some water heater repairs cost more than others, too. If you’re having trouble with your hot water heater, you need to know what’s at fault. This article will address some of these common problems, along with a few ways to check for them yourself. If you have a gas hot water heater, be sure to use a testing cylinder, and remember to turn it on before testing. The following are the most common problems homeowners face with their water hotters:

DIP Tubes. The basic reason that pipes in a water heater leak is because they have become clogged with sediment or other material. Sometimes, just getting the sediment out of the pipes can solve the problem. However, if your hot water heater repair person has had to remove the water heater, the only option may be a dip tube replacement.

Tubs & Pipes Covered. Sometimes, the piping that carries hot water around the house is completely covered by a plastic sheet. If not, it may be obvious that some repairs are needed. For instance, if you see chunks missing from where the pipes were attached or see the outline of holes in the floor where they were installed, your professional water heater repair person will probably suggest you consider fixing these problems before replacing the tub or pipes.

Overheating Element Or Tank Leaks. If you notice that your heating element isn’t warming the water as it should, or if it seems to be leaking, your heater repair person might suggest that you add some antifreeze to the tank. If your water heater is older, the antifreeze may prevent leaks, but it won’t prevent the element from overheating. This is why regular maintenance is so important for a well-functioning water heater.

Leaking Pipes. If you notice a constant leak coming from your faucet, and it doesn’t seem to be due to wear and tear, your plumbing professional might suggest a new line to install. However, if your hot water faucet is at least seven years old, and it has been leaking for more than three months, you should consider having it checked out by a professional plumber to find out the cause.

Tankless Heaters at Tankless Water Heater Replacement. The biggest differences between tank heaters and tankless heaters are in how many gallons of water they can contain. While both types of heaters can provide hot water, tankless heaters are smaller than their tank counterparts because the cool water is stored in a storage tank that is not connected to the hot water supply. Tankless water heaters are sometimes also referred to as instant hot water heaters, because the stored water can be heated instantly.

Pressure Relief Valve or Pressurized Control Valve. A common reason that most heating elements break down is because they have built up a build-up of pressure inside of them. There are typically two parts to a pressure relief valve a ball assembly, which controls the flow of the liquid (in this case, pressurized air or water) through the control valve, and a relief valve, which opens when the pressure reaches a certain point. If either part malfunctions, the water flow will stop completely, which can result in an immediate and serious loss of hot water. In order to prevent this type of emergency, most pressure relief valves are designed with an automatic pressure relief system, which allows the ball assembly to shut off automatically if the pressure reaches a certain point.

Gas Control Valve or Electric Pressure Relief Valve. The electric pressure relief valve is one of the least expensive repairs to perform, but it is also one of the easiest. Most of these parts are sold in sets of four, with two being the ball and a gasket, and the final two being the steel shank and gasket. Typically, replacing a gas control valve is not as difficult as replacing a gas control valve, because the leak usually occurs when the gas valve is not properly installed or is rusty or worn.

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Water Heater Repair Vs Buying New Water Heater

What Does it Cost to Replace or Repair a Water heater? For many people the answer is ‘not much’. Most of the time, when the water heater malfunctions, it is out of their sight and out of mind, until the problem causes an uncomfortable, costly, or even life-threatening situation.

When you have a water heater repair on your hands, there are some things that you can do yourself, if you are handy with tools and repairs. If the problem is not too bad, a simple repair can usually be done at home. Some homeowners opt to repair their own heaters, and for many, this is the best way to go. If you are not a skilled mechanic, however, you should leave the job to the professionals. The repairs made by hand are usually very minor and inexpensive.

However, when the problem is a bit more serious, there are many things that you can try to do at home. For example, did you know that sometimes water heaters will stop working due to a buildup of mineral deposits? In some cases, replacing the units with newer models, or switching to a new location can often solve the problem. In other cases, the only thing you can do may be to have the gas line cleaned.

Water Heater Repair: Plumbing and Electrical Basics The plumbing of most houses are not particularly difficult to deal with, and with the proper care, can last for years. When you have a water heater repair on your hands, remember that basic home repairs, like replacing the heating element, do not usually involve the need for a professional plumber. If you are unsure about the common problems that occur with your unit, though, and have no idea how to fix them, call in a professional to come look at it for you.

Water Heater Repair: Leak Detection Most homes have a leaky tank from time to time, and if the sediment buildup in the tank is causing the problem, the best place to start is by checking the level of sediment in the bottom of the tank. If there is a lot of sediment, the most common solution is a top loading valve, which will keep sediment from entering the hot water system. Before attempting to remove sediment with a valve, make sure that the tank has completely cooled off. In addition, because a hot water tank is filled with very hot water, the presence of sediment can actually cause the tank to break down sooner rather than later.

Water Heater Repair: Drip Tips The main reason that the heater breaks down is because of a slow or inaccurate flow of water through the heater. There are two basic methods to speed up this process. One method is called the drip tip, and the other is called the dip tube. A dip tube is basically a long, flexible plastic tube with an opening at its end. You insert the hose into the hot water tank, turn the valve on, and set the tip of the tube to get water flowing in the direction of the vent. To speed up the process even further, you can tie an outdoor appliance to the vent and just turn the valve on as you use the appliance.

Water Heater Repair: Replacement Heaters Water heaters can sometimes become defective because of a buildup of sediment inside the tank. This condition can be remedied through the replacement of a certain part, called the evaporator coil. This component is usually located in the back of the tank, next to the evaporator. If the coil does become defective, you will first need to drain the tank, and then replace the old coil with the new one. To speed up the process even more, you can tie an outdoor appliance to the vent and just turn on the valve while using the appliance.

Water Heater Repair: How to Save Money The average cost of replacing a water heater can be very expensive, especially if you are buying one from eBay. Even when you buy a unit from a reputable store, there is still a good chance that you will pay a lot more than the retail price. On the other hand, you can reduce your investment costs by learning how to repair a water heater yourself. In fact, it is not that difficult to learn how to do this task. By investing some time and effort, you will be able to replace your tank without spending a lot of money.